• ErgoElbo

    alk.$ 175

    Recommended to be used with tables with straight edges, or with tables that have a very wide recess.

  • Allround

    alk.$ 450

    Ideal support for precision work in which the working positions change and versatile support is needed for the upper body.

  • Stretching Support

    alk.$ 195

    Enables you to stretch your back on saddle chair.

  • Elbow Rest

    alk.$ 415

    For precision work and tasks that require elbow support or where you need to work very close to the target.

  • Elbow Rest 3D

    alk.$ 450

    New level of ergonomics for surgeons.

  • Ergorest

    alk.$ 975

    Reduces the strain on hands and upper body in tasks that require great precision.

  • Elbow Table

    Elbow Table

    alk.$ 425

    With Elbow Table you can work wherever you want!

  • Salli Seat Cover

    alk.$ 175

    Custom fit seat cover with choice of upholstery!

  • Foot Height Adjustment

    alk.$ 325

    Enables height adjustment without using the lever by hand.