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When sitting on a saddle chair the spine is almost in the same position as when standing: there is a small curve in the lower back and the vertebrae is not pressing the disks. This position is natural and therefore easy to maintain. Sitting on a saddle chair reduces tensions in the back and sciatic-type pains, enhances circulation, makes breathing deeper, keeps the hip joint in the optimal 135 degree angle and makes it easy to move around on the chair. The two-part seat does not press the genital area, which is beneficial to genital health. More information on the effects of riding-like sitting.

The sitting position differs a lot from that on a traditional chair. Instead of being passive the muscles work actively. You may have sore muscles and tissues after starting a new sports; the same happens when you start sitting in the new way. The sitting bones carry the weight of the upper body, and that may make the buttocks feel sore. Some people get used to the new sitting position in days; for others it may take months.

The patented gap enables you to tilt the pelvis into the natural standing posture without feeling pressure in the genital area. On a one-part saddle chair the sitter often moves the feet forward to reduce pressure and warmth on the genital area, and ends up with a rounded back. In addition to the chair being more comfortable to sit on, the gap improves the genital health of both genders through improved circulation and nerve functions. The gap also makes the chair cool and well ventilated.

On Salli you sit 15–20 cm higher than on a traditional chair. The natural curve is possible when both the knee angle and the angle between the thighs and the body is 135 degrees, and that happens automatically in riding-like sitting. We highly recommend an electrically adjustable table, or at least a table that is higher than normal, to be used with Salli Saddle Chairs. Only then can you fully benefit from the chair. An electrically adjustable table can be individually adjusted for sitting and standing, reading and writing, and according to the times of the day.

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