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Cancellation and Returns

The customer is entitled to return items within thirty (30) days of receiving the item/items. In case of cancellation of the order, or returning the product, please contact BEFORE returning the items. Customer will be responsible to return items to Salli US Distributor for a full refund minus shipping cost of $200 per chair.

Please send all notices or returns to:

Register 1.1

204 Benelli Dr.
Williamson County, Texas 78634

1.2 Register name
Salli Shop (VAFINC, LLC)

1.3 Purpose for data handling
Maintaining customer relations

1.4 Contents of register
Register contains information about the name, address, phone number, e-mail address and information about the ordering process.

1.5 Information source
Information given by a person by the time of registration or the time of ordering.

1.6 Transfer of information
Salli Systems does not transfer information contained in the register to third parties.
The information provided to us will not be transferred outside the USA.

1.7 Data protection guidelines
Gathered information is stored in intra/ databases which are protected by passwords and other technical measures. The servers are located in locked and protected rooms. Access to the information is based on personal usernames and passwords.

1.8 Right to prohibit
The registered person has the right to prohibit all use of his/hers information for marketing or selling purposes. The prohibition must be made in writing and sent to the person in charge of the register.

1.9. Right to inspect
The User has the right to examine, change and delete information about him/herself from the register.

1.10. Revision of information
The registry will set straight, delete or add to any personal data in the register that concerning the usage is faulty, unnecessary, inadequate, or out of date. This will be done unprompted or by the demand by the registered person who must contact the registrar.

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