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The key health effects of Salli Saddle Chair, preventing:

Good posture that prevents:

  •  Spinal issues and muscle tension in the neck, shoulders and lower back;
  •  Poor blood circulation to the brain and eyes;
  •  Shallow breathing;
  • Weaker intestinal function.

2 – Better pelvic health, as the gap in the middle of the seat prevents the formation of pressure that can affect the organs within the pelvis

3 – Enhanced genital health, as the gap keeps the genital area dry, avoiding sweating and sitting pressure

4 – Improved hip and knee joint health at a 135-degree angle, reducing pressure on the joints and avoiding sitting directly on the thighs

5 – Increased activity in the core, pelvis, and legs combats the negative effects of immobility and the resulting slow fluid circulation. Stretching and rolling on the Salli chair are easy and enjoyable, promoting movement and tissue health.

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