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About US

Salli US distributors is a family run business out of Austin Texas. We import any and all products Salli manufactures, and support the products, North American dealers, and Salli’s up to 10 year product warranty locally.

If you are in the US or Canada are are looking for a SwingFit, a Multiadjuster, are trying to find a better Saddle Stool or Ergonomic Chair, or are just looking for a more healthy or comfortable way to sit, we want to help you!

We truly are enthusiasts of Salli products and love hearing about how Salli has made a positive health impact in people’s lives.

Please let us help you learn more about Salli, which Salli product is right for you, and your best options for purchasing.

Vanessa and Ken Fischer
Salli US and Canada Distributors

What we do?

Salli US distributors exclusively manages product fulfillment for all orders coming out of Salli’s Finland manufacturing facility to destinations in the US and Canada.

We additionally imports components from Salli’s manufacturing facility in China and assembles chairs in Austin Texas.

Order fulfillment for custom built chairs generally takes 15-30 days.

We support local dealers with fulfillment, logistics support, customer service, and warranty support.

We do sell direct to businesses and consumers for relationships built through conventions, trade shows, and referrals.

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