Elmosoft leather

Elmosoft is a high-quality, soft and pliable chrome-free leather from Sweden. Elmosoft is perfect for Salli Saddle Chairs, because its surface is not slippery. In Elmosoft leathers comfort and durability combine, which makes them suitable for public premises. Having the material supplier in the Scandinavia is beneficial because of the nearby location and the high-quality of the Scandinavian leather. The production process has also been developed within the Nordic environmental standards.

Elmo takes the environmental aspects into consideration very seriously in their production. The leather is produced from Scandinavian cattle, which reduces the environmental impacts of transportation. The leather is processed and dyed in Sweden. The chrome-free, synthetic tanning is used in the production and the waste water is cleaned in an efficient way.

The water Elmo uses in production comes from a nearby river, into which the water is also released after the cleaning process. Elmo has invested significantly in their water cleaning facility and the cleaned water is checked (of over 40 different chemical substances) before it is released back into the river. In the tanning process the amounts of energy and water are reduced to as low a level as possible, and all waste is recycled. Water-based technology has diminished also the air emissions.

The commitment to environmental policy can be seen in both the production process and the products, and Elmo has been accredited according to SS-EN ISO 1400:2004.