What is the main reason for tiredness at work

The most tiring detail at work is the traditional 90/90 sitting with the back rounded.

This is surprisingly tiring because in this position the lungs are functioning only partially, meaning there is a slight lack of oxygen in the body, and less blood, oxygen and nutrients flow to the head due to neck muscle tension and slowed lymph (waste removal) and bood microcirculation (oxygen and nutrient deficiency). Low oxygen in the brain causes brain fog, stress, decreased productivity, and depression.

Fatigue is also caused when the stomach gets compressed when one is sitting in a slouched position Then the flow is slow, the intestinal contents dry out and become toxic, and the waste products are not removed as quickly as they should.

An important reason is also poor fluid circulation in the legs when the sharp angle of the pelvis and compression of the lower legs and buttocks is an obstacle. Leg fatigue, thickening, varicose veins, and cellulite in the middle age are proof of this.

The corrective action is to sit in loose and airy (skin breathes) clothing on a swinging two-part saddle chair (no pressure on pelvic floor and genital area), standing and moving between during the day, and using an adjustable table with a stomach recess.

When the body works well with wise choices and ways of working, the spiritual side is also on a completely different level.