How to prevent stiffness in neck and shoulders

By far the most effective way to treat and prevent neck stiffness is to sort out one’s work ergonomics.

When the body is automatically upright and in a good posture, and there are no tensions, stiffness is also relieved, and prevented. In this way, fluid circulation is working properly, tissues receive oxygen, and waste products are lost quickly.

Sitting on a high-quality, two-part, swinging saddle chair, and wearing loose and uncompressing clothing is the basis of good ergonomics.

In addition, the table should be quickly adjustable and the monitors at just the right distance (and the fonts the right size) so that there is no need to bend forward. The quality of the monitors also affects the strain.

The table should have a stomach recess, or a padded “stomach arch” that provides support for the arms at just the right place under the shoulders, thus relaxing them.

All clothing should be completely uncompressing to activate fluid flow. In addition, during working hours it’s good to switch between sitting and standing, and go for a walk (walking the stairs would be the most beneficial) repeatedly. For example, calls can most often be made while walking.

With this kind of ergonomics, productivity is on average tens of percent better than otherwise. Shoulder tensions are prevented and even a painful lower back can become asymptomatic.

Of course, exercising and doing sports in your own time only improves the situation.