Can seniors do strength training?

Despite the importance of the issue, strength training for seniors is very rare. One hardly ever sees muscular seniors, let alone slim and muscular. Sutdies show that the strength levels of arms and legs accurately predict life expectancy, and the quality of life in old age.

Almost always, seniors’ training doesn’t maintain strength levels and muscle size, let alone develop them. HIIT training is rare, even though it affects muscle condition, in addition to cardiovascularity. After retirement, there would still be time and opportunities to raise muscle condition to a good level and keep it there.

Personally, I have found that a good level of nutrition, which I get from very high quality nutrient and fiber-rich foods, herbs, health-promoting spices and supplements, helps to motivate me to do HIIT and strength training, and maintain the level of energy they need.

Although my exercise does not include jaw pulling, I can still do 25, even though I am already 70 years old. Also, 25-30 seconds and about 90 percent power HIIT climbing stairs or swimming is a versatile and excellent workout a few times a week.

My conclusion is that a general decline in brain health also impairs motivation and the ability to move in such a wayt that it is effective for muscles. Lowering testosterone and other hormone levels also reducesthe ability and motivation to do strength training.

Fortunately, preventive Health Science, which e.g. biohackers are engaged in, is familiar with the biochemistry associated with strength training, and also the means by which poor condition can be avoided.